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We help you make smarter bets

Say goodbye to spreadsheet struggles and hello to easy bet tracking and analysis

Unlimited bets
Create as many bets, transactions, and targets as you like. With our user-friendly platform, tracking winnings and progress has never been easier.
Unlimited bankrolls
Manage multiple bankrolls effortlessly. Whether you bet with one bookmaker or many, tracking your winnings across all is a breeze.
Unlimited history
Trace your betting journey back to day one. Our app lets you revisit every bet you've made, allowing you to learn from the past and strategize for the future.
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Want something more advanced?

Track like a pro, bet like a pro

Take your betting to the next level, no more spreadsheets or manual tracking

Advanced analytics
Get insights like never before. From win-loss ratios to betting trends, our detailed statistics give you a comprehensive view of your betting performance.
Performance dashboard
Track your performance at a glance. Our app features a customizable dashboard to keep your vital statistics and progress front and center.
Stay updated even on the go. Our upcoming feature will send you weekly notifications about your winnings, progress, and much more straight to your email.
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Now is the time to win big

We will help you to win more money than you ever thought possible. Our app is the best way to track your bets and make smarter decisions.

  • Activity

    Track your activity, see which days you bet the most, and how much you won.

  • Advanced analytics

    Get access to advanced analytics and see how your bankrolls are performing.

  • Targets

    Create targets for your bets and track your progress towards them.

  • Share your profile

    You can share your profile with your friends, they can see your bets and your progress.

  • Sport and league tracking

    You can track your bets by sport and league, and see how you are performing in each one.

  • Transactions

    Keep the balance of your bankroll updated with transactions, and see how much you have won or lost.

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Basic features for starting to track your bets and increase your winnings.


Everything you need to get started...

  • Unlimited bets
  • Unlimited transactions
  • 1 bankroll
  • Basic analytics
  • ROI tracking


Best plan


Track your bets like a pro with advanced analytics.


Everything in Free, plus...

  • Unlimited bankrolls
  • Unlimited targets
  • Advanced analytics
  • ROI tracking
  • 24/7 support response time
  • Feature previews
  • Supporter badge
  • Multiple odds support (soon)
  • Notifications (soon)
  • History page (soon)
  • iOS and Android app (soon)

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